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Having termites in your property is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Termites are incredibly destructive creatures and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business. 

For effective and affordable termite control services in Sydney, call on the experts at Ponderosa Pest Control. Our experienced team will be able to assess your property and quickly remove or control the problem. If you suspect that your premises has a termite problem, don't delay! DO NOT SPRAY AND DO NOT DISTURB! Contact the termite specialists at Ponderosa Pest Control right away. 

When you see termites near your home, it means there is a nest nearby. 

Contact us as soon as you notice signs of termites anywhere in the vicinity of your home. We can take care of the problem quickly and with little hassle for you. 

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Termite Damage & Workings:

Termite infestation

Hot humid weather causes termites to swarm

When the humidity is high termites can be found swarming. These winged reproductives, or alates, are the future kings and queens of new nests. After swarming, these termites drop their wings and look for a nesting site. Alates are coal black to pale yellow-brown, flattened and about 1/4 to 3/8 inches long with pale or smoke grey to brown wings.

A very small percentage of swarming termites survive to initiate new colonies. Many are eaten by other insects or birds. Likewise, swarms emerging inside a structure usually never survive. However, it is an indication of infestation nearby and a pest controller should be contacted. 

 Alate (winged reproductive termite)

Termites (white ants) cause more damage to houses then fire or floods. With the unusual weather creating the optimum breeding conditions for termites, having your home inspected by a professional termite inspector is of utmost importance. Termites are destructive by nature but only a few species attack homes. It is essential that a correct identification of the species is made.

Common species responsible for damage in NSW

The most common species responsible for damage in NSW are the Coptotermes, Nasutitermes and Schedorhinotermes species with the most destructive being the Coptotermes. Within each nest, termites can range in numbers. The queen, which can survive for over 20 years, is a termite producing machine and keeps the nursery full of new termites. Within the nest it is the job of the soldiers to protect the queen and the workers. The worker's job is to collect the food to allow the colony to survive and grow. The soldier termites are distinguished from the workers by their brown heads and all over cream colour.


Alates are winged termites that leave the nest to start new colonies. Alates are usually seen on hot humid nights when they swarm, drop their wings, find a mate which allows them to become a king and a queen, and start a new colony. Termites swarming at your home means there is a nest close by.
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