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Frequently Asked Questions

Coping with a pest infestation can be stressful. Many people are unaware of how to correctly deal with unwanted pests and fail to tackle the issue properly. For effective pest eradication and management services, speak to Ponderosa Pest Control.

On this page our team has endeavoured to answer some of the more common pest control questions that our customers have. If you have any further queries or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.
Now I have had my house sprayed will I have no insects?
No, you will still see cockroaches, spiders ants or any other target pest from time to time, they can be brought into you property, crawl in from a neighbouring property and even blown in, when they come in contact with the treated areas they will die in a short time.

Do I have to empty my cupboards?
Each situation is different and in some instances we will request some to be emptied, however with the gel insecticides used in most cases it is not necessary, as our office staff or technician.

Do I have to leave while my house is treated?
It is not a requirement that you leave your home while we carry out your service, but if you feel more comfortable you can leave while we carry out the treatment, when you return to you home just open your windows and ventilate fo a couple of hours.

I had my house sprayed and now I have cockroaches, I didn't have any before the spray.
It is not unusual to see insects you didn't know your had or increased activity of the targets insects or any other insect you may be seeing were there, but had not been seen and the treatment has flushed them out, they will did after a short period.What is meant by the warranty.

The target pests may be hiding in areas that can't be reached, your warranty covers you for a free treatment of areas that may incur a problem within in time period stated on your paperwork that was supplied, remember though that the insect once in contact with sprayed area will die,The odd insect does not negate a problem.

Is it safe for my dog/cat? 
Yes - the products used are very safe for your animals as the amount of active constituent that may be be taken in by either contact when wet or by ingesting is very small, we would however ask that you keep your animals away form the serviceman to prevent them from being underfoot.

Do I have to do any preparation before my treatment?  
Access to the edges in all rooms is necessary to allow the skirting edges to be sprayed, ensure that all items of clothing, toys,books etc are moved away from the edges off the floor, and animal food dishes and bedding should be removed or covered.

I have a fishpond outside will it be alright?
We would require that the fishpond be covered with plastic while the treatment is carried o ut.

How does the spray kill the pest?
After the spray applied dry is turns to crystals, when the insect crosses the area where the crystals are present particles are picked up on their feet etc and when the groom its self or each other it is ingested. Insects don't die from just being sprayed.
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